The Witchy Ones


The balance is ever important to the witchy ones, taking the good along with the bad.  They know that they must have dark to also see the light. The witchy ones recognize the importance of understanding.  Feeling another person’s pain is a valuable start to knowing how to ease it. 

The witchy ones walk gently with the Earth, listening to her wisdom. They know that if you take more than you give, the balance will be thrown into chaos. The witchy ones believe inner strength is power. They encourage the growth of those around them, neither do they sabotage another’s self esteem. 

The witchy ones do not live in fear of those who would revile their chosen path. They know that ignorance breeds fear, and have come to accept that. Nor do they contempt the paths of others. All paths lead to the same destination. All paths encourage love of self and love of others.