Let us Dare


Let us dare to believe that we are full of greatness
 that poetry is alive within our souls
 that beauty inures our passions
 that a star can snatch our breath from our lips
 that the darkness is visible
 and all possibilities are possible.
 Let us dare to pulse with our own inadequacy
 lifted up by our failures on wings that cannot falter
 for already low we have sunk sullenly. 
Let us dare to be inhumanely human.

Let us free our hair from rubber shackles

free our voices from uneven whispers!

Let us holler, dance, stumble, tangle!

Let us live a life that is full of moments,

moments of quiet purity, as dew collects on uncut grass

moments of ecstasy as we plunge into the raging river

moments of organic, rough-cut, effervescent vulnerability.

Let us dare.