If life is a flower,

Plant it in your heart
Nurture it in your soul
If life is a grave
Decorate it with sighs
Feed it with tears
If life is an abyss
Throw it away
Recycle the plastic
Life is a joke
Laugh it off

Acta non Verba

The plunge into obscurity
A world devoid of purity
The cunning hide behind brave words
The bold are men of action.
Men of action know no invoices, nor memos
They are not shrouded behind the monotonous security of cubicle walls
They are not mandated by the ticking of a clock and an eight hour grind
For they are men of action.
 They rise at dawn
dare not to yawn
Feet pounding the ground
Eyes straight, looking beyond the horizon
They are drawn by a higher purpose
not reflected in their pay grade

Good Morning America


The explosion of water from a tap

The  colors of the rainbow are mapped

The voice of the sky is scratched

The life as I die is crap.
The girl scout cookies are stale.
The coffee a permanent ring that has rung
As I watch the fire fail
I am the last note he has sung.
You are the tree
I am the axe
The one that is free
Is not the one in the cask
The paper that is folded
The life that is moulded
The patience corroded
The Prince demoted
The alarm is bleeping
Fucking the world with it
The tea is steeping
The  news is spewing shit
You are the lines
I color outside
The final notice signs
The lowest tide



Thoughts of you…
The alarm goes off to thoughts of you.
I step out of bed and into thoughts of you.
I brush my teeth in tempo with your heartbeat

I sit in class glancing at the clock-
thoughts of you 
Doodle your name, 
thoughts of you
The professor asks me a question
I silently think “the answer is you”

Thoughts of you
I end my day, and undress to thoughts of you.
I’m warm in your sweatshirt…I breathe in thoughts of you.
I set my alarm for the next morning
And lay myself down on your side of the bed
I sleep to dream…only thoughts of you

The Story of Laughter and Gloom



The laughing one
The flower princess
The woodland trespasser
Eyed, there, lurking in the shadows
The quiet one
The watching one
The somber one
Then he vanished
Years passed
The laughing one aged
She shed her fairy wings for pencil skirts
And a bun
The somber one grew tired
World weary he was
The glamour of living was rubbed away.
But fate told him to chin up
Dancing in the light of a small candle flame
Destiny waited for him
In the form of a laughing girl
Brought together delight beyond measure
Knowing that he was there
She for him
He for her
In his quiet strength
Fearing nothing
Darkness stole her smile
She shattered into pieces
The laughing one
The fragile one
But the strong one picked up the broken pieces
He placed them in his heart
And there they healed and became whole again.
The laughing one learned
 To smile

Let us Dare


Let us dare to believe that we are full of greatness
 that poetry is alive within our souls
 that beauty inures our passions
 that a star can snatch our breath from our lips
 that the darkness is visible
 and all possibilities are possible.
 Let us dare to pulse with our own inadequacy
 lifted up by our failures on wings that cannot falter
 for already low we have sunk sullenly. 
Let us dare to be inhumanely human.

Let us free our hair from rubber shackles

free our voices from uneven whispers!

Let us holler, dance, stumble, tangle!

Let us live a life that is full of moments,

moments of quiet purity, as dew collects on uncut grass

moments of ecstasy as we plunge into the raging river

moments of organic, rough-cut, effervescent vulnerability.

Let us dare.