Empty Nest



I would empty myself of life to hold you again, but they tell me not to rush fate. They tell me that it gets better. My dreams have fallen. I worshiped joy and found sorrow. I dared to fly and I have been shot down. I remain crippled by my own imagination. 

Let them dismiss their luck. I greet them with hollow eyes. They deny the power motherhood gives them. Mere sheep, for I give birth to death. I am the mistress of suffering, the bedfellow of unrequited need and relentless heartbreak. I am pain and tears and blood. I leak the gore of half-formed life. 

Bring to me your flowers in their prime. I will teach them to wilt. Your pain is my nirvana. 



The darkness nuzzled my damp cheeks like a soft velvet glove. 

“Why are you crying? it whispered raspy and cool. “Darkness is here…the world is softening…there are no more edges to cause you pain. Let go of your sorrows and see into the night.”

I did as he bade me, and melted into his cloak. My eyes saw the world from the breath of the moon, and I was enraptured there. My pain became dull, and spreading my wings, I flew into the night. My heart was full of darkness…and so I shunned the light.