Sleeping Beauty


Image  Gravity pulls me down

In reality, I can’t keep my feet on the ground.

The days start to blur

I sigh out the window

You know I’m sure.

I’ve taken leave of reality

Patience, I lack the ability

But I’d wait a thousand years

Lost in slumber

Without any fears

Wake me

With your gentle kiss

I’ve been sleeping all this time

My life is bliss.

Though the past may have it’s thorns

The angels blow their horns

Heaven awaits

You’re just beyond it’s gates

And I’ll be waiting

Right here.



 An expanse of darkness

A pinpoint in the distance

Closing the space

Gentle caresses

Two bodies there were found

Across time and space

By one soul bound

Trial and error

Never was fate fairer

 In whose eyes

Hope was mirrored

Patient sighs

The Road


 In the rain, cotton dresses grow heavy

In the lane the trees are rife with dance

The wanderer goes wandering in a trance.

The patient one trips lightly along

Discussing Neitzche with the oak who is wise

Down in the clearing the rain softly sighs

The colors are swimming

The silence is dimming

The one who was lost

Slowly rises

The wanderer

Onto pointed toes

A spinning she goes

Spinning she goes

Round and round and round




The wanderer looks down

With laughter at Earth’s frown

Reaching the sun’s crown

She pauses to drown

His light takes her slowly

Tells her all that is holy

As she falls into his effervescent might

The Story of Laughter and Gloom



The laughing one
The flower princess
The woodland trespasser
Eyed, there, lurking in the shadows
The quiet one
The watching one
The somber one
Then he vanished
Years passed
The laughing one aged
She shed her fairy wings for pencil skirts
And a bun
The somber one grew tired
World weary he was
The glamour of living was rubbed away.
But fate told him to chin up
Dancing in the light of a small candle flame
Destiny waited for him
In the form of a laughing girl
Brought together delight beyond measure
Knowing that he was there
She for him
He for her
In his quiet strength
Fearing nothing
Darkness stole her smile
She shattered into pieces
The laughing one
The fragile one
But the strong one picked up the broken pieces
He placed them in his heart
And there they healed and became whole again.
The laughing one learned
 To smile