Serendipity, chance, luck, fate. I have always been a firm believer in signs that would indicate that I was on the right path. Three months ago I was walking down the aisle toward my best friend. I have to tell you that getting there was rough. My amazing mother planned most of the event, and the dress that I had, had been purchased nearly two years in advance. This was my our second attempt at walking down the aisle. Our first planned wedding had been cancelled because I needed to receive treatment for a newly discovered degenerative spine condition, and I was also being tested for cancer.

It honestly didn’t look like happily ever was going to happen at all. The week of the wedding we were staying with my grandmother in New York. Everything was absolute chaos. Location weddings have a tendency to be a bit finicky. We weren’t even sure everyone would be able to arrive on time. When I got to the church I was so anxious that I couldn’t even put on my lipstick.  A couple of hours before I had been late to my hair appointment (thankfully the woman took me anyway). As I’m waiting in the back room of the church, with my mom fluttering around me adjusting my dress and my veil, all my beautiful smiling bridesmaids around me, things begin to calm down. I don’t even remember who handed me the love letter from Chris, but I do know that of all the hundreds of love letters that man has given me, that one almost ruined my wedding makeup!

From that moment on everything was perfect. There is not a moment from that day that doesn’t bring a smile to my lips. That night, through no planning of our own, as Chris and I sat in our honeymoon suite he leaned into kiss me, and fireworks- honest to goodness fireworks lit up the sky that night.  That was pure beautiful serendipity. It wasn’t the Fourth of July, it was my sign- the sign that this was finally our happily ever after.Pichas! 044