Slowing Down


Lately I find myself shivering through much of the day, hustling and bustling to class, the post office, the grocery store and so much more. I get caught up in walking as fast as I can so that I can get to the next warm building. However, around me  the breath of the world is slowing down, temperatures are dropping, and the days are filled with a golden glow. 

I tell myself to slow down, and notice. The changing of the seasons is so precious. Take time to notice the way the wind sings, I admonish myself gently. Take time to watch the golden light play with the colors of the leaves. 

So today I allowed myself to linger over the crunching leaves. I unbound my hair and let it whip in the wind to its own rhythm. This afternoon, I reached out my hand to feel the silky pulses of the mums in their resplendent colors. I allowed myself to swept away in the breath and spirit of autumn. 

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