Give me a little soul


The soul is a bubble blown through a wand

It is reflective of beauty shone without and within
Manipulated by tides, distorted by teachings
Fragile as a dream
An endless pond of reverie
Distorted by time and abandoned by truth
The soul is a joke told by an idiot
It senses neither time nor space
But feels infinitely the pang of a broken heart or distorted trust
Cracked as my mirror
An open wound
Patched clumsily together with a bandaid
The soul is a dance performed without flaw
Pirouetting, effortlessly defying gravity
It is its own delight
Weightless as a sigh
Timid as a blush
Gracing the world with its own recital
The soul is a prisoner
Its wings clipped by reality
Forced to acknowledge the fact that is without life
Caged as a songbird
A flightless ghost
Denied by its own imaginings

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