Mary Higgins Clark said that, “You go into the attic of your mind and rummage around and find something.” All of these somethings that we find up there wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else without the power of language! We create ourselves in the words we use to express ourselves to the world. Sure, our actions speak volumes, but our words create the meanings behind them by which we define the events around us. We are made up of words, beautiful, grandiloquent, meaningful words.  Because of words you can express to people that I’m tall, or fat.  Our comrades know what we mean when we describe our experiences all through the power of our words. Isn’t that amazing? 

This blog is dedicated to writing. I’m cramming it full of my imaginings, musings, and passing life anecdotes. Some of my posts may be made from the greatest peak of bliss, and others from the realistic monotony that accompanies the daily life of a paralegal student trapped in the doldrums of battling an incurable wanderlust. However, either way the posts turn out, the words are certain to be tummy-tickling.  


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