Little Pins


Simpering smiles and powdered faces

Flawless disguise and tightened laces

Shoes pretty eggshells 

And laughs tinkly bells

Ladies and gentlemen, poses striking

Illusions they feign all to their liking

Bowing and scraping

Malicious gaping 

Soft velvet facade 

Hiding little pins

Daily Discovery


The sun comes up each morning. This, by itself is nothing significant. When you’re stuck in a rut it can even be irritating. Every time the sun rises there’s such a display of color. The sky yearns for us to understand that this new sunrise is ours. The time is ours to do with as we please. We can live in the monotony of everyday existence, or we can take the time to truly communicate with the world and make discoveries. 

Daily we are given new dreams to pursue, new ideas, new joys. The time we have now is the only time we are promised. We are not promised tomorrow. We are promised today. 

The Witchy Ones


The balance is ever important to the witchy ones, taking the good along with the bad.  They know that they must have dark to also see the light. The witchy ones recognize the importance of understanding.  Feeling another person’s pain is a valuable start to knowing how to ease it. 

The witchy ones walk gently with the Earth, listening to her wisdom. They know that if you take more than you give, the balance will be thrown into chaos. The witchy ones believe inner strength is power. They encourage the growth of those around them, neither do they sabotage another’s self esteem. 

The witchy ones do not live in fear of those who would revile their chosen path. They know that ignorance breeds fear, and have come to accept that. Nor do they contempt the paths of others. All paths lead to the same destination. All paths encourage love of self and love of others. 

The Early Years


Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

One strong hand on the steering wheel

The other holding mine

We cruised up the highway

Two hearts intertwined

Heavy to reach where we were going

Hard to say goodbye

Tail-lights ferocious blaring

soft-lips try not to cry.

The parting, though only brief,

and separation ended soon

fills young hearts with grief. 

Under the palest moon. 

Emotion motion


Sorrow told a story

With full deep eyes swimming,

A face wet and pained,

With aching shoulders sighing,

red lips in trembling grimace.

You feel her world is dying.

Swept away in misery

No patience here to stay.

She flings herself into the wind

And dares not face the day.

The Wheel of the Year


The sky is over-cast

The air is growing chill

The wind whispers faint

Fall is drawing near

Leaves begin to blush

Nights long, deeply yawn

As embers merry burn

So spins the yearly wheel

The trees are hushed to sleep 

The crows begin their flight

The corn gathered in 

Fall is drawing near

Air the winter clothes

Summer pack away

Sing merrily a tune

So spins the yearly wheel

Pumpkins full are growing 

The trees have apples shed

The hay cut and baled

Fall is drawing near



How do you move on when it’s gone

When you’ve doggedly pieced it back one by one

How do you chose this straw to break?

Do you stay in the comfort of familiar?

Do you stay when you know you’ll never be the only?

When you’ve devoted so much of time and love and body…

You know you’ll never be enough

Your smile will forever be crooked with knowing

Your vocal pain doesn’t bring a halt to his actions

Your body used and then discarded,

more painful than a one night stand…

is marriage.

Fall Begins on the Farm


I am enamored with autumn, and I have been counting down the days til fall since the beginning of August! Today marks the official first day of my favorite time of year. The leaves have begun to blush, the hay has been rolled into bales, and the nights are cImagerisp with the promise of hot apple cider and hearty stews.

The old farm house is heated entirely by wood, and as the nights begin to bite, my husband went out yesterday and chopped down a small pine.  We were glad for it the next day, for we were caught in a cold rainstorm as he tried to get his truck to start!  Tell me, what do you most treasure about this transitional time of year?